Chan's Peking Restaurant

19 Vassar Rd, Poughkeepsie NY

(845) 462-1231

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Chan's Peking Restaurant
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    Sent on the 4th of September, 2007
    I will never eat there again. My rice had dead insects with wings in it. I thought about at least eating the fried noodles that they had given me, but there was a live insect crawling on the outside of the bag.
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    A. This is the food page of Chan's Peking Restaurant on 19 Vassar Rd Poughkeepsie.

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    A. Restaurant staff logs in to edit this page or respond to visitors' reviews. Visitors do not have to log in to write reviews. Optionally they can personalize their Food, however the default visitor profile is anonymous.

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    A. For quite some time. It got its first review on September 4, 2007 and was last updated on January 15, 2016.

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    A. No. This service is free, and it will always be.

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    A. That depends on visitors who frequent this Restaurant and suggest corrections, and to a greater extent on Chan's Peking Restaurant representatives who have the option of claiming this page and keeping their information up to date.

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    A. We rank Restaurants by first grouping them together by proximity, then analyzing their ratings, reviews and comments. Recent reviews carry more ranking weight. Chan's Peking Restaurant is currently ranked number 2 of 16 nearby Restaurants in Red Oaks Mill Poughkeepsie.

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